Chimpanzee Tracking Safaris in Uganda

Chimpanzees are primates and ranked to be the closest to human being features. These creatures are omnivores in nature feeding both on fresh and grass though they mostly live in the Jungles and their main menu are tree leaves, bamboo shoot and stem, fruits, insects and coconuts. Meat comes as a by the way.

By description, chimpanzees are black in colour with a hairy body, tailless, and feed both on the ground and up in the tree branches. Their faces are not fully covered with fur. Chimpanzees are ever active and lively, they like swinging up in the tree branches, their main habitats are rainforests and bamboo forests. There is no better option to have a close association with these primates in the Jungles than being part of a chimpanzee safari.

Chimpanzee Safaris are rewarding and you will immerse these human-related creatures to your most. These primates mostly enjoy the lush habitats in the Eastern and Central parts of the African continent.

Where to go for Chimpanzees. If you are after chimpanzees, Africa is a hub for these primates. Its luxuriant habitat and extreme conditions favour the growth of Chimps. Below is the list of the top protected areas to consider for Chimpanzee Tracking Safaris.

Kibale Forest National Park. This pristine destination is geographically located in the western part of Uganda near Fort Portal town. Part of the Park is occupied by Kibale Forest, a habitat for chimpanzees and exhibits the evergreen setting of the park. Besides chimpanzees, the park is home to other species including unique bird species, primates like baboons, vervet, black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys and more. Tourists visit this Park mainly for chimpanzee tracking, habituation experience and birding in the Bigodi wetland.

Budongo Forest Reserve. This is one of the most prominent reserves in Uganda, it is located in the northwestern part of Uganda near the famous Murchison Falls National Park. This reserve is part of the great Murchison Conservation area. Budongo is inhabited by part of the chimpanzees that are recorded in Uganda. You can get there by car from Kampala via Kampala – Masindi – Gulu highway. If not road, you can board a plane from Entebbe up to Pakuba airstrip in Murchison. The tracking excursions in Budongo take place in Kaniyo Pabidi tourism Centre. Other than Chimpanzee tracking, you can do nature walks and bird watching.

Nyungwe Forest National Park. Listed among the destinations with the highest numbers of primates in Africa, Nyungwe Forest National Park sits in the Southwestern part of Rwanda. It is home to varied primate species including the chimpanzee primates. The Park’s name was derived from the dense forest that occupies part of it. Besides the tracking, you can do the canopy walk. Other species you can admire include unique birds, monkeys, baboons, vervets, blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, mangabeys and more.

Kyambura Gorge – Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kyambura gorge is a picturesque region in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It provides habitat to chimpanzee primates and other wildlife species. Travellers visit this locality mainly for chimpanzee tracking but it’s advised to time your visit when there is plenty of food, they are easily seen. But when there is a scarcity of food these creatures tend to move deep into the forest.

Kalinzu Forest Reserve. Renowned for its dense Jungles, rolling hills and other stunning sceneries, Kalinzu is forest reserve in the South western part of Uganda. Travelers visit the area for chimpanzee tracking, nature walks and birding.

Best time for Chimpanzee Safaris. It is feasible all year round but as usual it’s more exceptional in the dry season when there is low rainfall drops.