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There are several ways to get close to nature but Nature walking is the best. You will enjoy this activity mostly in protected areas like National Parks, Sanctuaries and Game Reserves.

You can find various trails outside the protected areas in community lands and forests but the ones in National Parks or game reserves are more rewarding. To those after this experience in countries like Uganda, below are the top locations you can have an adventure like no other.

Murchison Falls National Park in the northwestern part of Uganda offers hiking excursions up to the top of the falls. You can be part of this experience after the breathtaking cruise to the bottom of the falls. Tourists with a guide usually wander up to the top of the falls to appreciate the awe-inspiring views of the entire park.

You can have more walks in Budongo forest – Kaniyo Pabidi and Rabongo forest, these localities are characterized with sights of different bird species, chimpanzees and other primates like colobus monkeys, baboons and more.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is another destination not to miss for remarkable walking adventures. This Park features numerous trails in its different regions that include Mweya Peninsula, Kyambura gorge, Katwe Salt Lakes, Maramagambo forest and Kasenyi plains.

Walks in the Katwe Salt Lakes lets you explore salt mining which is usually carried out by the locals. Just in the southwestern part of Uganda, you find Mgahinga Gorilla National Park a home to the species of Mountain Gorillas and Golden monkey primates.

Besides Gorilla trekking, you can be part of the walks along the foothills of Virunga volcanoes like Mount Gahinga, Sabyinyo and Muhavura. You will behold different bird species and as well admire spectacular views of surrounding sceneries.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is famous both for its Gorilla trek and forest walks. Walks in the dense jungles usually last for about 2-5 hours disclosing plenty of bird species, mammal species, primates and insect species like butterflies. Some trails lead to varied gushing waterfalls for a swim or beautiful sights.

The smallest and nearest Park from Kampala, Lake Mburo National Park pleases travellers with its guided walks that take you to the salt lick, an area that is often visited by wildlife. Additionally, Rubanga forest stars multiple trails that are rated fantastic for bird watching.

Kibale National Park is reserved with different trails that are suited to nature walks. It lasts for three hours or less. While on walks in this Park, you see a plethora of Wildlife species including primates, bird species and mores. For those after nocturnal animals then you can be part of the night nature walk

Kidepo Valley National Park is positioned in the northeastern part of Uganda. Travellers are impressed by its diverse Wildlife and you can soak up some of the Wildlife species while on nature walks. Common wild animals in the Park include Elephants, Zebras, Giraffes, Buffaloes and more.

Ruwenzori Mountains National Park grants the best opportunities for nature walks. Travellers wander through the forested vegetation embracing various sceneries including the plunging waterfalls, bird species and more.

Nature walks in Semliki National Park often head to the male and female hot springs but en route you are most likely to come across black and white colobus monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabey and red-tailed monkeys. Other common species include birds, butterflies and different plants.

Don’t miss walks on the slopes of Mountain Elgon, these offer incredible views of the Karamoja plains and vast landscapes. Some of the trails pass through coffee plantations, grazing lands and stunning local villages. The expedition usually includes a visit to the Sipi and Sisili falls.

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