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Mountain Ruwenzori Hiking – Adventure Safaris in Uganda

Rwenzori mountain tours Uganda

Mountain hiking is among the reasons for adventurers who visit Uganda every year. Uganda is packed with varied adventure sites that offer peerless adventure experiences including Mountain Rwenzori in the Western part of Uganda.

This Mountain occupies and is one of the main draws for visitors to Mountain Rwenzori National Park. Besides being home to Africa’s third-highest peak, this UNESCO site features a luxuriant plant life that favours the growth of the different animal, insect and bird species. What’s more, the Park pleases visitors with its stunning spots including cascading waterfalls, lakes and glaciers.

How to get there:

You can get to the park by road or air transport means. By road, either choose to drive via Kampala – Masaka – Mbarara highway to Kasese or via Kampala – Mityana – Mubende – Fort Portal highway. From Fort, you continue 75 km to the south on Kasese road. To get to the park from Kasese town, it is about 25 km and turns left inside to reach Nyakalengija. If not road, you can board privately chartered planes from Entebbe up to Kasese.

An adventure trip to the Ruwenzori Mountains reveals a lot including its picturesque peaks and glaciers. There are many trails that lead you to the peaks but the most preferred is the central circuit.

The expedition via this trial lasts for seven days; it starts from the park headquarters in Nyakalengija and heads up to Scott Elliot Pass at an altitude of 4.372 meters. It winds through five vegetation zones such as bamboo forests, alpine zones and tropical forests.

This hiking adventure is possible even to novice hikers and you will reach peaks like Mount Speke, Mount Luigi di Savoia and Margherita on Mount Stanley.

Hiking up to the summits of Mountain Ruwenzori is feasible all year round but more fantastic in the dry season as you know rainfall can spoil everything in just a minute. The dry season starts from December to February and then May to August.

Equipment and Organization.

Always a good adventure is made by good preparations, therefore before you pack for Mountain Rwenzori hiking it is paramount to know which equipment is required or needed for the hike.

The list includes a sleeping bag, rucksack, sleeping mat, mug, knife, gumboots, waterproof trousers, warm jackets, hand gloves, scarf, jumper, torch, bottles of water and a raincoat, all these can be hired from the National Park headquarters.

To add on, climbing the peaks requires snow gloves, climbing boots, an ice axe, a rope, snow goggles, and a pair of crampons. The fees paid at the park for Mountain hiking includes the services of an experienced guide and four porters who will carry your luggage up to the top.

Food and Accommodation.

There are three options, food for eating during the trek can be organized by your tour operator, and Rwenzori Mountaineering Services or you can purchase, pack the food and hire the chef to cook for you in different stopovers.

While on the trek to the top, you will stop at different points for night stays in the well-reserved huts that are comfortable and environmentally friendly. The huts are surrounded by streams that supply water for drinking and other purposes. Toilets are as well in place. After the trekking or if you wish to stay for some days before hiking, there is good accommodation in Kasese or Fort Portal town

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